Startup - September 2021

Cloud almighty


We're excited because this is our first blog entry. But not only that, it's also our first entry in the blog which is running on our platform, yeah 😊 So a big "hello, world" to all the developers and cloud-hungry companies out there.

It feels like the whole world is moving to the cloud. According to a study by Sys Group, more than 80% of companies worldwide are already making use of cloud technology to store information. But still many seem to struggle with the complexities of current cloud infrastructure offerings. Including us! After many years of developing cloud-native applications, setting up microservices, APIs, databases, managing Kubernetes, scaling resources etc. we decided there has to be a better way. We want to tackle this challenge and question the status-quo. Quickly develop, deploy, run and scale an app in the cloud, or simply create a prototype and test a new market. So we set out on a journey to create a platform that helps developers and companies do exactly that – in an easy and cost- efficient way. We're at the beginning of this journey and will soon release the beta version of our platform. But we will need your help – from peers, companies, developers around the globe – to get there. Whether you're interested in joining us on this exciting path, or simply are curious to learn more about it – please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you: [email protected]


Behrang, Bene, Gerrit, Herbie

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