Release note - April 2022

Release 1.10 is here

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Release 1.10 is here

With our latest release we announce two major features that give you even more control over your services. Along with many other fixes and improvements you can check them out in your cloudspace now.

Presenting Cloudspace Analytics

Now you can monitor the traffic of your stages with a wide range of metrics, like data transfer, page views, status codes and many more. Filter your data by time ranges from last 30 minutes up to 30 days in the past. You can access your Analytics page through the main navigation of your cloudspace.

Deployment logs

We introduce deployment logs on the service page which give a detailed view on what’s happening in Kubernetes. Furthermore, every instance now has a state indicating if there are errors with the specific pod of a service. Overall, this brings more responsiveness to the service page and allows a real-time view of the current service state.

Have feedback or ideas for improvement? Paste them on our board and we will put them on the roadmap:

In case of any issues contact us on Discord or send us an email to [email protected]

Enjoy the new release and tell us what you think!

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