How do I ensure security for cloud-native applications?

"Security by design" - is, after all, one of the buzzwords that are quickly uttered in connection with data protection and data security. Unfortunately, this is anything but easy to implement in practice. What looks like a unified whole to users and data protection experts are complex structures consisting of various cloud services, microservices and open source components.

10.12.2021 06:47 ㅤ
by Gerrit

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Come meet us at Websummit

Excited to announce that we’ll be participating at “the world’s most influential tech event” this November 1–4 as part of the startup programme. We can’t wait to connect.

06.10.2021 06:54 ㅤ
by Mogee


A brief history of the cloud

In the span of just one human lifetime, the tape-drive mainframe evolved into modern cloud computing. But how exactly did we get here and what does the future look like?

28.09.2021 18:57 ㅤ
by Mogee


Cloud almighty

We're excited because this is our first blog entry. But not only that, it's also our first entry in the blog which is running on our platform, yeah 😊 So a big "hello, world" to all the developers and cloud-hungry companies out there.

28.09.2021 06:09 ㅤ
by Benedikt Iltisberger