„We unlimit technology for everyone.“

Our mission is to give enterprises and developers the ultimate autopilot for the entire cloud infrastructure. So they can successfully build and run apps in the cloud.

Our goals:

  • Reduce complexity and dependency on specialists
  • Create freedom for creativity in software development
  • Provide security, cost control and transparency
  • Avoid silos and promote shared learning

We have developed software applications in the cloud for over 10 years. After numerous projects and products in different industries, we discovered that a bulk of the effort and time is spent on developing the same administrative functions, setup and operations of the infrastructure again and again. Leaving far too little time for really innovative product features, which makes software development often the bottleneck of new products and less a driver of innovation in creativity. We set out to change exactly that: To enable the principle of 'you build it, you run it' with an easy to use platform, creating time for the important things in the lives of developers. The mogenius platform is based on our experiences with cloud-native application development, which comes from different perspectives and shape the foundation of our vision.

Founding Team

Gerrit Schumann
Gerrit Schumann
Co-Founder / CEO
As a founder and investor in numerous startups, Gerrit has gained a lot of experience with international startups, mostly when it comes to disruptive change through new technologies. Starting from e-commerce to media and cloud technologies. At mogenius he takes care of communication, sales and finance.
Benedikt Iltisberger
Benedikt Iltisberger
Co-Founder / Technology
If you ask Benedikt what he likes to do professionally, his answer is: 'Develop software'. If you ask him what his hobby is: 'Develop software'. He is our software architect and expert in mobile application development and has passionately developed and helped shape many well-known cloud-native applications in over ten years.
Behrang Alavi
Behrang Alavi
Co-Founder / Technology
Behrang lives and loves software development as well, and can't remember ever doing anything else. When it comes to complex and tricky tasks, he is in demand, especially in the area of web development. Like Benedikt, he is also responsible for the entire tech stack of the mogenius platform.
Herbert Möckel
Herbert Möckel
Co-Founder / UX / UI and Conception
Herbie is the creative head at mogenius and can best of all of us put himself in the shoes of the users and recognize their needs. And thus designs products and user experiences that are functionally convincing and inspire people in a playful way. He has gained a wide range of experience in the development of digital products over the last twenty years.
Jan Lepsky
Jan Lepsky
Co-Founder / CPO
Jan knows how to successfully bring digital products to market and is responsible forthe planning and strategic design of our platform and services at mogenius. Jan has gained a lot of experience with new markets and industries over the last years, and has been responsible for many successful product launches.

Our Core Values

Simplicity through innovation

We focus on innovation to manage complexity and find simple solutions to complicated problems. We identify the root causes, instead of merely treating symptoms. We take a strategic approach to problem-solving and find long-term sustainable solutions. We focus on results, not processes and take smart risks assessing new opportunities.

Curiosity with creativity

In a rapidly changing world, we continuously learn and are open to new ways of doing things. We are knowledegable about our business, products and technology. We make room to experiment and let creativity be the driving force in our actions.

Passion for our business and our customers

Our customers are developers around the world. We constantly think from their perspective and build products that provide true value to them. We ask for their feedback and are satisfied only when they love our products. We seek excellence in execution and inspire others. We all care intensely about mogenius’ success and celebrate wins accordingly.

Humility for success

We are selfless and always seek the best for the common goals of mogenius. We are never overconfident, and we recognize that we may not always have the best idea. We assume positive intent in others and we respect and value differences. We forgive each other if mistakes are made. We are open to feedback and learn from our mistakes.

Collaboration with respect

Together, we can accomplish great things. Not only do we work with but also for each other, and are supportive to the other team members. We welcome new ideas and opinions from each other, our customers and the entire community. We show courage and say what we think even if it is controversial. We are quick to admit mistakes, and only say things about colleagues we would also say to their face. We listen well, before reacting. We treat others with respect, independent of their status or disagreement.

Results count, not hours

We prefer not to measure people by how many hours they work, or how much they are in the office. What we care about is achieving great outcomes. At the same time, we expect everyone to stretch the possible and to push themselves and others. Managers provide context, strategy and objectives, and stay away from control and approval processes.