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Say goodbye to time-consuming deployments and infrastructure configuration with DevOps as a Service. Our experts will handle your DevOps needs, providing managed infrastructure and hassle-free delivery. Focus on building your product while we take care of your daily DevOps.

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With Virtual DevOps as a Service by mogenius, you can focus on what matters most - building great products.

mogenius will take care of all aspects of DevOps for you, so you don’t have to worry about manually managing your infrastructure.

Why mogenius

mogenius uses a unique approach of providing you with a dedicated team of experts that leverage our proprietary Virtual DevOps Platform — mogenius Studio.
Due to this combination, we can provide you with increased cost savings while providing more flexibility and transparency than other service providers.

mogenius cloud space dashboard

What makes us unique

  • You can still access your own infrastructure through mogenius Studio without going through us

  • mogenius Studio provides your devs with a risk-free self-service environment for prototyping and testing

  • Bring your own cloud — Easily onboard your existing infrastructure

  • No vendor lock-in — You can easily migrate to another platform or provider at any time

  • Cost advantage made possible with out-of-the-box cloud automation

  • Transparent fixed pricing starting at €950/month

How we work

We follow a simple four-step process to relieve your team of their existing DevOps workload

1. Assess
Analyze the current setup for software, architecture, and infrastructure.
2. Implement
Determine and implement best practices, tools, and workflows.
3. Automate
Create a great developer experience and automate repetitive tasks.
4. Optimize
Establish key DevOps metrics and then measure and optimize.

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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Robert Zores von REWE Digital

Robert Zores
CTO - REWE digital

Ideation and Prototyping on mogenius​:
REWE digital relies on mogenius for cloud projects​

As digitization continues to become more vital to retail, ever more people are using services provided by REWE digital. With mogenius in place, REWE digital gave their development teams a powerful tool to be creative, focusing on feature development and what counts the most: value to their users and customers.

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Simon Kapell from Hype1000

Simon Kapell  
CTO · Hype1000

Cloud migration with mogenius:
Hype1000 achieves better performance at lower costs

Hype1000, an audio tech startup, faced the challenge of migrating its microservice-based Hypecast platform to a scalable, cloud-native infrastructure in order to become future-proof and cost-efficient. Here's how mogenius helped to achieve this goal by automating most of the DevOps workflow.​

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