Ensure secure operations in your organization

Ensure security, set standards and simplify governance to protect organization from threats and vulnerabilities.

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Governance and access control

mogenius acts as a central orchestrator between your teams and the underlying infrastructure. While it is the easiest way for your teams to work with infrastructure, it ensures streamlined access management and simplified governance. No need to manage access for developers and teams across multiple clusters and infrastructure providers. You simply invite them to mogenius and utilize lean role-based access management to set permissions in every project.

Cyber security

mogenius has built-in industry-leading security through Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection.. Without any configuration, all services your teams deploy are protected from external threats. Want to bring your own security layer? No problem, mogenius integrates with WAFs from all leading providers.

Key Vault

Every team on the mogenius platform can rely on a pre-configured key vault that encrypts all secrets. This way you make sure that passwords and critical secrets are handled in a safe way across projects. Or you can ingerate your existing Key Vault solution.

Certified and tested

mogenius is in an approved process of ISO27001 certification so that you can rely on industry-standard security of information in every aspect of our platform. Additionally our technology is penetration-tested by certified experts on a regular basis.

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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