Rapid implementation of information security measures (ISO 27001)

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To ensure robust information security in both software development and IT operations, organizations invest considerable effort in developing workflows and controls. This process is crucial for meeting the stringent requirements set forth by ISO 27001. Achieving compliance with these standards is typically a time-intensive project.
Here is where mogenius comes in to help.

Minimize cost and time required to achieve and maintain compliance with ISO 27001 standards within IT infrastructure and software delivery. Streamline the implementation of information security controls in these areas: Access Control, Cryptography & Key Management, Operations Security, System Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance.

Failproof audit logs in IT infrastructure

Set up audit logs within Kubernetes environments and automate archiving of deployment logs.

Automated container vulnerability scans

Automatically identify vulnerabilities within containers and detect insecure dependencies. Scan individual deployments, entire namespaces, or even entire clusters.

Key Vault Management

Automatically provision key vaults for projects and namespaces to protect sensitive information, such as passwords, encryption keys, and other credentials for containers.

Secure governance

Establish rigid governance standards in complex cloud-native setups and multiple infrastructure providers. Set up RBAC that unifies and governs access to clusters and underlying IT infrastructure across software teams.

Benefits from mogenius customers

Set up your internal developer platform in record time.

Increase information security in your software operations

Faster implementation of ISO 27001 controls

Lower management costs for information security

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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