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After more than 10 years of developing cloud-native software and numerous projects in different industries, we wanted to take a different approach to building and deploying applications in the cloud. We were simply fed up with repetitive and administrative tasks that we were constantly spending valuable time on. Instead, we decided to develop a platform that would make software development fun again.

bicepsEmpower developersMake it easy to build and run cloud-native apps
rocketDrive innovationFree up resources for more productivity and creativity
network iconBe an ecosystemOpen to stakeholders and new business ideas

The founders

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Gerrit Schumann · CEO
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Benedikt Iltisberger · Software Development
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Jan Lepsky · CPO
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Behrang Alavi · Software Development
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Herbert Möckel · Director Product Experience

What we believe in

As founders, we share a commitment that brought us together in the past and led to the beginnings of mogenius: Passion. For digital products and for our work. We've summarized what that means to us in our Manifesto of Passion.

Manifesto of Passion

Nerds have something great that others envy: Passion
Passion is the foundation for creating something great.

Nerds find solutions where others give up.
Nerds decide where others debate.
Nerds try things where others ask for permission.
Nerds perfect things that others think are perfect.
Nerds see possibilities where others see problems.

We are nerds, you are nerds.
Together, we can change the world.

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