Our mission: Scalable cloud operations that any development team can afford.

Cloud-native is one of the hottest trends in software development. At the same time, cloud operations have become very complex. Many tasks in the process, many sources of errors, security risks and unexpected costs can occur. So, after more than 10 years of developing cloud-native software in various industries, from media to e-commerce to SaaS companies, we wanted to take a different approach to cloud infrastructure and development operations in the cloud. We were simply fed up with the repetitive and administrative tasks and unpredictable costs we were dealing with. Instead, we decided to build a platform that would make running and scaling cloud-native applications a straightforward and fun experience again. mogenius was built for developers, by developers - to allow them to focus on building great software.​

We've taken these three principles to heart:

Empower developersMake it easy to build and run cloud-native apps
Drive innovationFree up resources for more productivity and creativity
Be an ecosystemOpen to stakeholders and new business ideas

Meet the team

Meet some of our passionate team members and founders who dedicate their time to making the cloud a better place:
Profile Gerrit Schumann

Gerrit Schumann

Co-founder & CEO
Profile Jan Lepsky

Jan Lepsky

Co-founder & CPO
Profile Benedikt Iltisberger

Benedikt Iltisberger

Co-founder & Co-CTO
Profile Herbert Möckel

Herbert Möckel

Co-Founder & CXO
Profile Behrang Alavi

Behrang Alavi

Co-founder & Co-CTO
Profile Olga Koenig

Olga Koenig

Community & Dev Relations Manager
Profile Daniel Franken

Daniel Franken

Frontend Developer
Profile Andreas Eri

Andreas Eri

Senior Developer
Profile Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma

Partner Manager
Profile Rüdiger Küpper

Rüdiger Küpper

Senior DevOps Engineer

Our Advisory Board

Profile Ian McNish​

Ian McNish​

Co-Founder LinkedIn
Profile Stephan Schubert

Stephan Schubert

Serial entrepreneur​
Profile Olivier van Grembergen

Olivier van Grembergen

VP APAC, Aiven​

Our Investors

Our partners

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