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Release 1.14.  -  Jan  -  August 2022

Release 1.14. +++ Dark Mode +++ Container Images +++ Improvements

With our latest release, we are announcing two important features that will give you more convenience and functionality around our studio.

Building a microservice architecture from scratch  -  Andreas  -  July 2022

Part 1: Introduction to building our Twitter clone

In the first part of our series Building a microservice architecture from scratch we introduce the project and make initial considerations about goals, architecture and technology selection.

Tutorial  -  Daniel Franken  -  June 2022

Creating a frontend, backend database architecture with a few simple steps

We all know it. The most common architecture for web applications is one of many combinations between a front-end framework, something based on Node, and a document-based or relational database. To demonstrate how quickly and easily we can create a connection between these three components, I decided to create a simple project for a comments section. The front end will consist of simple html, CSS and vanillaJS provided by an nginx container. ...

Product Update  -  Jan  -  June 2022

Introducing mogenius API

The mogenius API is now available to our community, allowing you to manage all your services and cloudspaces right from the command line.

Getting cloud-native applications production ready  -  Gerrit  -  May 2022

Cloud-native: Two ways of getting your application production-ready

In recent years cloud-native applications have gone from being a trend to becoming "the way forward" for developers. 

How do I ensure security for cloud-native applications Copy.png
Release note  -  Jan  -  April 2022

Release 1.10 is here

With our latest release, we announce two important features that give you even more control over your services. Along with many other fixes and improvements, you can now check them out in your cloudspace.

Product Update / performance enhancements  -  Mogee  -  April 2022

The new mogenius file browser for persistent volumes

Today we added another key feature to the mogenius Studio. Now It’s even easier to manage your services that make use of persistent storage volumes, or migrate services. 

Product launch  -  Gerrit  -  March 2022

Announcing the launch of mogenius, the very first free code to cloud platform

After more than a year of hard work, sweat and tears our platform is up and running, fully self service and we bet it won't take you 5 minutes to successfully deploy and rund your app in the cloud.

Cyberscecurity  -  Gerrit  -  December 2021

How do I ensure security for cloud-native applications?

"Security by design" - is, after all, one of the buzzwords that are quickly uttered in connection with data protection and data security. Unfortunately, this is anything but easy to implement in practice. What looks like a unified whole to users and data protection experts are complex structures consisting of various cloud services, microservices and open source components.

startup conference and exhibition  -  Mogee  -  October 2021

Come meet us at Websummit

Excited to announce that we’ll be participating at “the world’s most influential tech event” this November 1–4 as part of the startup programme. We can’t wait to connect.

Editorial  -  Mogee  -  September 2021

A brief history of the cloud

In the span of just one human lifetime, the tape-drive mainframe evolved into modern cloud computing. But how exactly did we get here and what does the future look like?

Startup  -  Mogee  -  September 2021

Cloud almighty

We're excited because this is our first blog entry. But not only that, it's also our first entry in the blog which is running on our platform, yeah 😊 So a big "hello, world" to all the developers and cloud-hungry companies out there.

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