TEAM23 and mogenius Partner to Deliver Cloud-Native Software and Infrastructure to Clients

TEAM23 and mogenius have partnered to combine world-class software development with multi-cloud infrastructure and an Internal Developer Platform, aiming to deliver comprehensive software and infrastructure solutions to clients. TEAM23 has been a leading software development house for more than 20 years in Germany. This partnership focuses on streamlining deployment and operations workflows using modern, cloud-native infrastructure based on Kubernetes. Additionally, TEAM23 will leverage the mogenius Enterprise solution to migrate their internal tool stack to the cloud.

With this partnership, TEAM23 expands its solution offerings to clients with a 360° approach that encompasses concept, UX design, strategy, development, and fully managed infrastructure operations. These solutions are available on major cloud platforms such as the Open Telekom Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more. Specifically tailored to the German and European market, the partnership offers a GDPR-compliant solution based on European infrastructure, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations throughout the software delivery process.

The mogenius Internal Developer Platform provides connectivity and orchestration for Kubernetes clusters across any cloud or on-premise infrastructure. It offers self-service capabilities for developers and includes DevOps blueprints and templates.

Fabian Härtl, Head of Software Engineering at TEAM23, expressed his impression of the mogenius solution: "We are truly impressed by the breadth of connectivity,developer-friendly interface, and the level of workflow automation offered by mogenius. With their support, we can now focus on building exceptional software products for our clients, without the need to worry about infrastructure and deployments."

Gerrit Schumann, CEO at mogenius, acknowledged TEAM23's track record in delivering outstanding software products across various industries, including health, e-commerce, finance, mechanical engineering, and the public sector. He added, "We are honored to collaborate with TEAM23 and meet their high standards of quality that they consistently deliver to their clients. With our partnership we address the need of organizations with critical infrastructure, e.g. health and public sector, to deliver modern software products and infrastructure that is compliant with market regulations."

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