Dear Daredevils, Mad Scientists and Nerds...

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... do you want to create better software, faster?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We empower software teams with the right tools, so they can deliver their applications better and faster. Easy to use and powerful to enterprise standards.
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What makes us different



We love what we do. We value passion, drive for excellence and relentless energy to create things that can change the world.



We make decisions where others debate. It may not always be the right decision from the start, but we keep moving.



We’re always open to a new approach and different ways of doing things. We challenge the obvious and remain curious.



Yes, technology is not everything. But it can be wonderful to help people achieve great things. And we love to stay on top of the latest developments in technology.



Life in growth companies is never a straight road. We keep our heads high and aim for the long-term goals.



We make decisions where others debate. It may not always be the right decision from the start, but we keep moving.

Our work mode

Remote work and home office options

Competitive salary

Frequent feedback

Clear goals for  every employee

Strength-based work approach

Ownership and space to grow

Offsite steering events with the whole team

Continuous training and education

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Our application process

1. You apply on our website or by email

Send us your resume and tell us a little bit about yourself.

2. Video interview

As a next step, we will invite you to a video call to get to know you better. Focus on first impressions, not topical skills.

3. Deep dive interview

Now you can get to know us in one or more calls or in person at our office, and we will discuss your experience and skills in more detail.

4. We will send you an offer

If we are both convinced it’s a match, you will receive an offer from us. Welcome to mogenius!

5. Your first day at mogenius

During the first two days we will organize an onboarding, where you will find out more about mogenius, the team and your new colleagues.

6. Give us feedback to the application process

Nobody’s perfect: We welcome feedback to the entire application process.

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The mogenius team