Build, deploy & manage your cloud applications and services

UI-driven platform for the entire application lifecycle
mogenius® studio Dashboard

1. Build & Deploy

cloudspace screenshot
Create your own cloudspace in seconds

Choose from a number of plans with virtual cloud resources hosted on a hyper-scaling infrastructure – Microsoft Azure. We configure and provision the cloudspace ready for you to add services and start deploying.

Build your infrastructure with pre-configured backend services

Choose the services you need from a continuously expanding service library. We provide templates for a wide range of backend tools, like databases, content management systems, frameworks and many more. Or simply upload your containerized application.

github conection screenshot
Connect your Git repository and deploy

We support every Git repository and offer a seamless connection. Just link your repository using the SSH URL and deploy to any development stage.

2. Manage & Scale

resource management screenshot
Seamlessly scale your services & resources

As your services grow, so do the resources they consume. We have got you covered – add more services and allocate additional resources on the fly.

Add stages & instances as you need

You can start off with a production stage and continue to add an unlimited number of stages to reflect your development cycle and team workflows.

Manage users, teams and plans
enterprise icon
Collaborate with others on your project

Invite users to your cloudspace and assign roles to manage how your team works together.

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Change your subscription plan any time

mogenius is designed to grow with your needs. As your project matures you can easily switch to a plan that better matches your needs.

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Export your projects to another infrastructure

No strings attached – we are confident that you will want to stay but if you feel it’s time to leave, simply export your project with all configuration files.

3. Control & Monitor

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Monitor & control your resources at any time

Keep track of resource consumption at every level of detail in your cloudspace. Our visual dashboards give you fast access to all the data you need.

Stay informed and get instant notifications, like warnings and alerts

We instantly inform you whenever an issue occurs – by push notification, e-mail, or text message (SMS). Go directly to the affected service to fix it without searching through log files.

alerts visual
analytics dashboard screenshot
Detailed insights with our analytics dashboards

Analyze your project’s data utilization over time and compare performance for every stage and service you use.

Try it out and get back to coding in minutes