Take Control of Your Kubernetes Setup​

Cluster organization​
Kubernetes automation​
Resource control
Infrastructure abstraction​
Developer self-service​

Visibility. Actionable Insights. Automation.​

Cloud-Agnostic Kubernetes Operator

Connect any Kubernetes cluster with the mogenius platform using a cloud-agnostic operator. Manage, automate and orchestrate your Kubernetes workflows across projects, while the light-weight, pull-based operator does the heavy lifting.

Kubernetes Visibility & Cluster Management

Create visibility of your clusters and workloads limits in a concise overview using the built-in Kubernetes Manager. Organize projects, assign tags and team members, and set resource limits. Inspect and edit workloads on multiple clusters and optimize resource utilization with actionable insights.

Instant observability

Access aggregated logs for each application in one place. Get holistic insights into resource metrics, build pipelines, Kubernetes deployments, application logs, and vulnerability scans — for every container, instantly.

Self-Service Developer Portal​

Improve developer experience with standardized self-service environments that work on any infrastructure. Enable developers with automated Kubernetes deployments and observability ready to go. With AI assistance for debugging and recovery. ​

Service Catalogs

Build a template catalog of tested and approved services and configurations. Share across several teams to re-use best practices and avoid duplicate work. Choose from a large selection of pre-configured templates or build custom templates.

NFS Storage Automation

Integrated NFS solution with RWX support that runs on any Kubernetes cluster. Deploy NFS via the operator for immediate deployments of volumes accessible by multiple pods on the cluster. Manage volumes, files, and permissions through an intuitive user interface for developers.

Ephemeral Environments

Enable developers to test in production-like environments. Spin up preview environments during the build process that automatically self-destruct afterwards. Ideal for testing under production-like conditions without any overhead and costs.

Integrated Tools and Workflows​

Connect to and integrate your existing git ops and CI workflows to deploy repositories, container images, Helm charts. Integrate identity providers, SSO, key vault, monitoring tools, and more. ​

The Building Blocks to Successful Kubernetes Operations

All the tools in one place to manage cloud-native complexity and increase developer velocity.

Increase Process Transparency

Reduce Kubernetes

Reduce Configuration Errors

Improve Developer Experience

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