New Feature: Clusters

We are excited to announce the release of our new major feature, 'Clusters,' which we have just made publicly available. The Clusters section enables you to connect mogenius with any Kubernetes cluster, facilitating the setup of infrastructure for your teams. This allows you to deploy mogenius as an internal developer platform on any cloud provider, on-premise, and even locally.

How do Clusters work in mogenius?

Within your organization, you will find a new navigation section labeled "Clusters." Here, you can add new clusters that serve as a management interface for your Kubernetes environments.

Each cluster is divided into four sections:

  1. Overview: This provides insights into resource consumption and project activity within your teams.
  2. Workloads: This section allows you to efficiently manage and edit all Kubernetes resources directly from the mogenius platform. Like Lens or k9s - but right in mogenius.
  3. Settings: Here, you can modify general settings of your infrastructure in mogenius, like hostname and container registry.
  4. Connect: This section handles the installation management for your operator.

To begin, configure your operator on the Connect tab of your cluster. Copy the installation command to your terminal and execute it on your Kubernetes cluster. For a step-by-step guide, refer to our detailed documentation.

Once your setup is complete, you can initiate the creation of projects and deployment of services on your cluster. Invite your team members, and they will be able to deploy their applications within minutes. With this approach, you can establish an exceptional developer experience on any Kubernetes cluster, significantly streamlining operational tasks for you and your team.

Why did we build it?

As more companies adopt mogenius for their applications, the need for enhanced control became apparent. While we had been focusing on a great developer experience throughout the application deployment journey, we recognized a crucial aspect was missing to simplify DevOps for all organizations. That drove us towards a new milestone - making mogenius compatible with enterprise operations. It means our platform can now run on any Kubernetes setup, seamlessly integrating with existing tools, all while maintaining an exceptional developer experience.

The new Clusters feature brings this vision to life. mogenius now seamlessly integrates into the Kubernetes infrastructure of any organization, offering an out-of-the-box solution for platform engineering. We're excited to hear your feedback on this new milestone.

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