Hype1000 achieves better performance at lower costs

About mogenius and Hype1000

mogenius is a smart developer cloud with the mission to drive the world’s transition to cloud-native. The cloud platform provides a UI-driven platform for the entire lifecycle of cloud applications and services. It focuses on application hosting and operations, scaling, and automating all operations to allow developers to focus on building their application. mogenius enables the operation of any tech stack, through support for standards like Docker, container registry connectivity, and service template provisioning.

Audio tech startup Hype1000 is on a mission to make corporate audio possible for any business. For this purpose, Hype1000 develops with their product Hypecast a state-of-the-art audio solution that allows companies to easily and securely integrate audio and podcasting into their B2B and internal communications. From recording to hosting as well as distribution and analytics, Hypecast offers all functionalities in one software solution. With Hypecast, companies communicate more easily, authentically and personally. Engaging audio content can easily be created and shared with teams, B2B customers and business partners.

The challenge: scalable cloud-native infrastructure

Hype1000 faced the challenge of migrating its microservices-based Hypecast platform to a scalable, cloud-native infrastructure in order to become future-proof and cost-efficient. To that end, the existing services were to be migrated from Heroku to a cloud platform targeted at software developers. At the same time, the company wanted to reduce DevOps efforts as much as possible and avoid building dedicated DevOps resources. By automating configurations, build processes and deployments, development times and costs should also be significantly reduced and a permanently high level of cost efficiency achieved.

Fast and smooth migration to the mogenius platform

Hype1000's enterprise customers, such as large corporates, use Hypecast to reach a large audience in a decentralized manner. For example, when employees and/or customers need to be informed on e regular basis with a corporate podcast about a specific topic, such as cybersecurity. As a multitenancy architecture, the Hypecast platform from Hype1000 is an ideal fit for the mogenius cloudspace structure. Different users can be served with one software instance and each enterprise customer gets its own cloudspace infrastructure.

To ensure a smooth transition, mogenius provided continuous personal support during the migration. An extensive setup call was part of this process, as were personal one-on-one meetings to explain the migration in detail. Technically, Hype1000 was particularly impressed by the underlying and abstracted Kubernetes infrastructure, the simple creation and publication of services, and the transparency of background processes through easily available log messages and status reports.

„The high level of transparency about running processes and the status of automated workflows makes developers' work much easier," summarizes Simon Kapell, co-founder and CTO of Hype1000.

Significantly improved performance and development time

The entire migration process for the production environment of all Hype1000 customers was completed after only two weeks. Hype1000 could immediately see the benefits: significantly improved performance, development time and costs reduced by 50%, much finer, granular configuration options, higher productivity in the development teams and more freedom for central tasks in application development. Maintenance windows were well chosen and coordinated with the onboarding team, so that there was no disruption to customers' day-to-day business.

Hype1000 now enjoys efficient resource orchestration with automated Kubernetes, a CI/CD pipeline, SSL management, cybersecurity, and DevOps support for migration and operations. Hype1000 does not see a further need to build up its own DevOps team. Professional maintenance now puts the corporate audio specialist in the comfortable position of only having to worry about what matters: its own product development and technology stack.

The step into the cloud

With its highly scalable infrastructure based on open standards, consistent automation and close personal support, mogenius offers a future-proof, efficient cloud. The platform offers any software company access to a new generation of cloud infrastructure with the least amount of resources.

"mogenius helps anyone who, like us, is looking for a scalable, long-term infrastructure solution without having to build up huge DevOps capacities themselves," Simon Kapell is convinced.

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