Announcing the Community plan

In recent months, we have seen a significant increase in our user base, with developers from all around the world joining mogenius.

While we are thrilled to see the popularity of our platform, we also faced challenges that made us think about how we want to move forward with our community. Unfortunately, many were using our free plan in ways that were not in line with our original goal of providing a free service for small projects and experimentation. We have seen instances of people creating multiple accounts, running harmful services, or exploiting the free plan in other ways. This has put a strain on our resources and limited our ability to provide the free plan to a growing user base. However, we remain committed to providing a great space for our community and still want to offer a free service for those who come with good intentions.

This is why today we are introducing the Community Plan.

Our free plan is now becoming the Community Plan, and to fully access it, each mogenius account will need to be verified.

We offer two types of verification: by using your credit card details (no charges will be applied) or by application.

As a verified user, you will have access to all the benefits of the Community Plan, including:

  • Unlimited service runtime (unverified users' services will be stopped after 4 hours)
  • Access to our Discord community, where you can participate in AMA sessions and meetups with other members
  • Access to our mogenius API, which allows you to integrate our services into your own projects and applications.

If you were using mogenius before, you will be automatically verified.

For more details about the new Community Plan, please visit the docs.

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