RELEASE 1.14. - August 2022

Release 1.14. +++ Dark Mode +++ Container Images +++ Improvements

Jan Lepskynull

Release day 🚀 That's a big deal, here's what's new.

🌓 Oh yes, dark mode is here

Manthy of you have been asking for it and we thought it was about time: today we are introducing the dark mode. There's a switch in the top navigation that lets you toggle the mode of your UI. Have fun deploying in the dark

⛴ Deploying from container images

Until now, you had two ways to deploy services: From a template or from an existing repository. Now there is a third way: deploying images directly from a container registry. This opens up exciting possibilities as you can deploy any service with incredible speed and simplicity. All you need to do is enter the name and tag of your image. Alternatively, you can select an image from your CI/CD pipeline in mogenius for all your cloudspaces. Try it out by simply selecting "container image" when adding a service. Read more about this in our docs.

In addtion, we have

  • made improvements to the main navigation. Sections are now easier to distinguish and you can now hide the navigation bar.
  • fixed a bug where deployment logs were missing after service creation.
  • added notification emails for services that experience errors over a long period of time. If you have problems fixing your service, feel free to contact us.

With container images as a new deployment option with this release, we take another big step toward implementing Docker compose. Stay tuned!

We're eager to hear your feedback 🙂

And you know the drill by now - don't forget to do a hard refresh.

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