Cloud-Native Transformation and Migration

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Going cloud-native and migrating your tech stack can improve business performance, organizational agility and ensures IT and development security. The transformation from monolithic, server-run software projects to cloud-native setups remains a leading modernization approach worldwide. To maximize the benefits, the transformation requires proper planning, management and Day 2 operations.

Here is where mogenius comes in to help.

The mogenius platform helps you set up the right environments and apply best practices for your transformation project.

Create an environment in your current infrastructure

Simply connect the mogenius platform operator to your source infrastructure and your Git worklow like GitHub or GitLab. Instantly set up environments for later migration to your target infrastructure and start building your microservice project in Kubernetes.

Create projects and establish golden paths

Establish golden paths for your migration projects and automate the workflows for the entire application lifecycle. Create and deploy services in your project and manage the entire application lifecycle.

Build your micro-service architecture and service inventory

Create multiple micro-service configurations for deployments. Draw from a standard service template or create new configurations for your organization. This creates failproof standard configurations for version, resource limits, environment variables etc. Save service configurations in your catalog to replicate across projects and teams.

Start migrations and track the progress

Connect mogenius to your target infrastructure and create environments. Migrate entire projects and services to your target environment. Track progress of your projects and deployments with the mogenius dashboard, which you can share with other stakeholders in the organization to keep them informed.


Manual setup of local environments
Waiting time for CI/CD pipelines
Inconsistent behaviour between local and production
Painful troubleshooting with fragmented tools


Zero config production-like environments
Blazing fast local CI/CD pipeline
Consistent and reliable testing outcomes
Unified interface with full log aggregation

Benefits from mogenius customers

Accurately mirror your production environment directly on a developer's local machine, enhanced by an exceptional Developer Experience. This approach ensures consistency: what you develop locally is exactly what gets deployed, effectively eliminating unexpected discrepancies.

mogenius allows you to expand your operating scope and deploy your container-based solution outside your cloud in just a few minutes, all while providing your customers with the security and cost control they seek.

The mogenius platform provides a cost efficient way to establish production-like environments for development and testing, while optimizing costs.

The mogenius platform helps you set up the right environments and apply best practices for your transformation project.

mogenius introduces a cloud-agnostic operations platform, powered by a robust Kubernetes operator. It offers extensive deployment and management options, optimizes Kubernetes configurations, and simplifies usage with just a few clicks.

Create self-service environments on any infrastructure in Kubernetes with a high degree of automation, observability and governance control. Lower the support burden of your infrastructure operators and enable developers to get a better handle on application lifecycle management.

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Time Savings

Save up to 75% for setting up your target environments and establish a golden path for project application migration.

Speed up

Accelerate decisions and migration project starts by up to 80%.

Cost saving

Save up 20% of costs for resources by optimizing environment usage and scalable resources.

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