Cost Optimization for Development Environments

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By optimizing your development and testing environments, you have the potential to significantly reduce costs. Leaving resources active after working hours and over weekends is an expense that can be mitigated. Establishing a development environment that perfectly emulates production conditions presents a unique chance for you to increase speed and quality of delivery. Streamline the process without compromising efficiency.

Here is where mogenius comes in to help.

The mogenius platform provides a cost efficient way to establish production-like environments for development and testing, while optimizing costs.

Schedule operations for development environments

Automatically shut down environments during unused periods for cost-saving and efficiency. Create ephemeral environments for preview purposes linked to repositories, streamlining the testing process.

Development environments that meet production standards

Create development environments that behave like your production setup, end-to-end from repository to securely exposed services in a namespace. Easily isolate environments with namespaces or clusters on any infrastructure provider.

Create standards during development

Access and share pre-configured blueprints for various technology stacks with the integrated service catalog. Reduce cognitive load and minimize configuration errors during application deployment. Templates enforce vital settings, enhancing security measures and governance within your organization.



Manual setup of local environments
Waiting time for CI/CD pipelines
Inconsistent behaviour between local and production
Painful troubleshooting with fragmented tools


Zero config production-like environments
Blazing fast local CI/CD pipeline
Consistent and reliable testing outcomes
Unified interface with full log aggregation

Set up your internal developer platform in record time.

Faster testing speed during development cycles.

Lower costs of running development and testing environments.

Up to 50% less recovery incidents after deployment.

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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