Let Your Developers Deploy and Manage Services Independently

Provide your dev teams with automated self-service environments for full control over the whole application lifecycle

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Cloud-native development offers tremendous benefits but requires a stringent set up of workflows and standards that can overwhelm a development organization and create support overhead.

Establish platform engineering with mogenius

Create self-service environments on any infrastructure in Kubernetes with a high degree of automation, observability and governance control. Lower the support burden of your infrastructure operators and enable developers to get a better handle on application lifecycle management.

Create and assign projects

You can create projects that contain resource budgets, stages and environments, for a dedicated project or team. You can assign individual access rights for each project and manage the entire lifecycle in the project team.


Connect repositories or container registries to deploy services with a pre-configured CI/CD pipeline. It takes minutes from creating a project to your first service in production. Or integrate your existing tools and workflows for CI and CD.

Finally, the user experience you want

You can manage projects in mogenius with an intuitive user interface, CLI or by API calls. This way, you're working with your cloud-native setup without headaches.

Safety and full control

Working with cloud-native infrastructure usually means potential risks: Exploding costs, configuration mistakes or security breaches. mogenius projects are the safe way for your teams to work with the infrastructure. The simple and automated environments reduce errors and cost limits ensure budget control.



Manual setup of local environments
Waiting time for CI/CD pipelines
Inconsistent behaviour between local and production
Painful troubleshooting with fragmented tools


Zero config production-like environments
Blazing fast local CI/CD pipeline
Consistent and reliable testing outcomes
Unified interface with full log aggregation

Manage the entire application lifecycle from one place.

Set up your internal developer platform in record time.

Control resource budgets

Manage resource budgets for project in Kubernetes

Improved Developer Experience

Improved workflows between development operations.

Better observability

Monitor the entire application lifecycle and health of your applications.

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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