Production-Like Local Kubernetes Environments

Eradicate 'works on my machine' problems with easy-to-setup local environments. Leverage intuitive tools to reduce the need for deep Kubernetes knowledge, letting developers focus on coding, not troubleshooting.

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Developers face a familiar challenge with Kubernetes: local testing environments that are either cumbersome to maintain or don't mirror cloud setups accurately. This often leads to the notorious 'works on my machine' dilemma, creating extra work, extended troubleshooting, and prolonged lead times from development to production.
Local Kubernetes Development Environments

Create production-like local Kubernetes development environments in a few clicks

Accurately mirror your production environment directly on a developer's local machine, enhanced by an exceptional Developer Experience. This approach ensures consistency: what you develop locally is exactly what gets deployed, effectively eliminating unexpected discrepancies.

A unified local developer experience for any Kubernetes

Experience a simplified deployment process that requires no deep DevOps knowledge. Deploy containers effortlessly, without managing complex YAML configurations. Just choose your repository and mogenius does the rest, enhancing your developer experience across any Kubernetes setup.

Ready to deploy in minutes

Deploy swiftly with just your local Kubernetes and a mogenius account. Install the operator, connect in an instant, and automate your deployments. With just two clicks, your first Docker container is up and running, simplifying your development workflow.

Instant troubleshooting

Instantly troubleshoot with log aggregation from every deployment. Streamline your workflow, minimize configuration errors, and enhance security and governance with enforced vital settings through templates.

Integrated local infrastructure

Experience rapid local Kubernetes setup with mogenius's pre-configured services. Accelerate deployments with an integrated CI/CD pipeline and container registry, and achieve a production-like setup with external domains, SSL, local load balancing, and certificate handling.

Seamlessly from local to production

Seamlessly transition from local testing to production with mogenius. Clone your environment to cloud-based Kubernetes in two clicks, integrate easily with existing CI/CD workflows, and export setups to a unified YAML for deployment anywhere.



Manual setup of local environments
Waiting time for CI/CD pipelines
Inconsistent behaviour between local and production
Painful troubleshooting with fragmented tools


Zero config production-like environments
Blazing fast local CI/CD pipeline
Consistent and reliable testing outcomes
Unified interface with full log aggregation

Taking Developer Experience to the Next Level

Set up your internal developer platform in record time.

Less downtime during tests and deployments

Faster testing speed

Less recovery incidents after releases

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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