Master Kubernetes without effort

Create and manage your Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure and easily establish standards.

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Create clusters and namespaces

Create ready-for-production clusters, connected to the mogenius platform for full automation and developer self-service. Easily create namespaces for each environment to manage teams and projects on your clusters.

Onboard teams instantly. No training required.

mogenius self-service environments allow dev teams to deploy on Kubernetes without lengthy trainings and onboardings. Deploy a cluster, create a project, and your team is ready to manage the lifecycle of their applications - for development, testing and production.

Works on any infrastructure

If your infrastructure can run Kubernetes, mogenius works with it. Deploy across hyper-scalers, regions, public or private cloud. Stay flexible without vendor lock-in and maintain a unified experience for all your teams.

Observability included

Out of the box you will have insights from aggregated build, deployment and runtime logs as well as service and cluster metrics. If that's not enough, you can connect your own tools like Datadog, Prometheus or Grafana.

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

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