SaaS Solution Delivery on Client Infrastructure

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With the rising cost of public cloud services and escalating concerns about data security among IT decision-makers, B2B SaaS companies are now facing mounting pressure to offer a "Bring Your Own Infrastructure" option to their customers. SaaS providers are then compelled to operate their services in multiple locations, leading to connectivity challenges and the need for distributed operations in diverse environments.

Here is where mogenius comes in to help

mogenius allows you to expand your operating scope and deploy your container-based solution outside your cloud in just a few minutes, all while providing your customers with the security and cost control they seek.

Accelerate deployments with the Kubernetes operator

Deploy, operate, and monitor services on any Kubernetes cluster using mogenius' unique pull-based operator. Get started quickly by deploying the operator via a transparent Helm chart. Gain immediate access to your client's Kubernetes cluster and perform operations required for installing and updating your applications.

BYOC as a Service

Integrate mogenius seamlessly with your existing legacy DevOps automation for enhanced debugging, recovery, and monitoring capabilities. Utilize mogenius and its APIs for comprehensive SLA monitoring. Plus, maintain full control by setting resource limits to safeguard your end-customer's budget at all times.

Enhance your security standards

Elevate your security standards with mogenius' innovative pull-based K8s operator, designed for seamless deployment on customer public and private clouds or on premise. Ensure robust security by establishing connectivity exclusively from within the customer's network. Any unauthorized attempts to breach it will lead to automatic termination and recreation, maintaining a consistently secure environment.



Manual setup of local environments
Waiting time for CI/CD pipelines
Inconsistent behaviour between local and production
Painful troubleshooting with fragmented tools


Zero config production-like environments
Blazing fast local CI/CD pipeline
Consistent and reliable testing outcomes
Unified interface with full log aggregation

Set up your internal developer platform in record time.

Enhance Security

Allow your customer to use your solutions within the secured infrastructure of their choice

Optimize Cost

Comply with your customers' request to leverage their existing investment. Secure and automate BYOC deployment.

Drive Revenue

Expand your market. Secure gross margin.

Trusted by developers, engineers, and organizations around the globe.

Ready to get started?

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