Close the gap between Dev and Ops with automated self-service environments on your infrastructure.

Mogenius dashboard



Self-service environments
Cost limits & control



Automate DevOps tasks
Easy multi-cloud setup
Cluster auto-configuration

Your cloud-native setup built to scale

Effortlessly from day one.

Resource settings

Simple and fast Kubernetes
setup for DevOps

Create and manage Kubernetes clusters on any cloud. Ready to deploy services in an instant, with full workflow automation. Keep control over clusters and namespaces for multiple teams without effort.

Self-service environments for developers

Easily deploy containers on the infra your DevOps created. Run, scale and manage services on a unified platform with great developer experience. Rely on pre-configured CI/CD, stages and monitoring. Or integrate your existing stack. Focus on your code without being distracted by DevOps tasks.

Environments interface
Tool integrations

Integrating with the tools you work with

Deploy with Docker, Terraform and Helm, connect your repositories, integrate pipelines and avoid vendor lock-in. mogenius is the unified platform to make working with infrastructure simple and efficient - regardless of the tooling choices you make along the way.

Multi-cloud, multi-level

Streamline operations across multiple cloud providers, regions and teams in one unified platform. Run on public cloud, private cloud, on-premise, or simply on fully managed mogenius clusters.

Multicloud compatibility

Rely on comprehensive cloud management

All the tools to build and automate your cloud infrastructure in one place.

Manage Projects

Create isolated project spaces for your teams


Persist your applications and databases. Project storage is accessible from any service.

Key vault

Manage secrets that get encrypted automatically


Invite your team, manage roles and collaborate on your projects.

Metrics & Analytics

Monitor resource usage, allocation and traffic on every level of detail.

Resource limits

Set resource limits for every service to stay in control and avoid unexpected cost hikes.

Environment variables

Custom domains

SSL management

Notifications & Alerts

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